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In today’s world, if you don’t have an effective Website presence your Company’s marketing plan is not complete.  As part of elevating your Company's visibility, Kajon Media is one stop shopping for your Website needs, including the graphic design services, copywriting, animation experts, and audio video components to build your site.  Kajon Media has the ability to merge video technology into your Website pages with the highest definition and quality achievable in today’s marketplace.  Kajon Media has the team that gives you the results you want for your Website.  Some of the Websites that our team has created include:

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Kajon Media works closely with you every step of the way to create a Website that is a beacon for those who seek your Company’s products, services and information.  Kajon Media also understands that your Website is an integral component that serves your Company in its daily operations. 


Video Direct Marketing has huge advantages over other types of marketing, involving much more of the senses than print or radio.  Presenting your products or services using Video Direct Marketing augments emotional response so your audience and prospective customers are more engaged and involved.  The viewer can see and hear the benefits that you are presenting them with, and your message gets through in a more complete, effective, creative and entertaining manner.

When you use Video Direct Marketing for products that are complicated to explain or need to be demonstrated you can be sure your message is getting through completely and accurately.  For big-ticket and prestige items Video Direct Marketing says to the viewer that they are important. When you want to show potential customers how you perform a service or showcase a product to demonstrate quality, precision, etc., Video Direct Marketing is the answer.   For large products Video Direct Marketing lets you bring it right into the customer’s home, at their convenience. And when you have great testimonials or expert endorsements to share, nothing communicates them better than Video Direct Marketing.

Video Direct Marketing is for small companies as well as big ones, and your Company can benefit from this effective and competitive marketing tool.  With new technologies making both production as well as fulfillment more affordable, even small campaigns can reap big rewards.  Kajon Media is here to custom fit a Video Direct Marketing package to meet your needs.



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